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If you need to find out if there is a checkpoint in your area, this is where you want to go. Its a live feed that will have all the checkpoints in the state and even some boarding counties in OH and KY.

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Monthly blog/newsletter local and nationional DUI related new and another thing that I may want to rant about.



Get text messages sent to your phone in real time.

Get local checkpoints sent straight to your phone via txt message. This will make it a lot easier than having to check out our website/twitter/facebook page to locate local checkpoints. Get in the the know by getting it on the go! SIGN UP NOW!


Pulled over now what?

If you get pulled over you better know what your rights are. Educate yourself on what to do if you are ever pulled over or do's and don'ts at a checkpoint. **


What we stand for and what you can do to help

To spite what one thinks we do not support drinking and driving. Read a few or our articles and learn what we stand for and how websites like this actually reduce drinking and driving.


Find local Lawyers that specialize in DUI'S and Checkpoints as well as Bondsmen.

This section will have WV lawyers that will assist you if you were illegally deatained, 4th ammendments rights violated at a checkpoint.


Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Never Drive and Drive

Enjoy our services but don't break the law its not worth it.

Nobody wants to spend their weekend waiting in line at a Checkpoint. Our checkpoint locator is meant to be used to dodge a checkpoint if you have a headlight out, expired tags, or if you forgot your drivers license at the house. We do not condone drinking and driving and we want everyone out on the road to be safe!