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The #1 question we get asked is "Why in the world would we announce the location of checkpoints?" First and foremost is the law requires checkpoints to be announced to the public when and where they are going to be. By telling you where the checkpoints are, the police are assuming you are voluntarily willing to participate in it if you are going through it. Also your 4th ammendment right states you can't be searched or detained without probable cause. So stoping everyone at a checkpoint and temperarily without probable cause violates that rights. Not only do checkpoints have to be made public but they are required to provide an alternate route if you choose not to participate in the checkpoint. If you wish not to participate in the checkpoint you can legally turn around to avoid it. However most people forget to signal when pulling off the road, or make an illegal U-turn thus giving the officer right a reason for pulling you over. Checkpoints are such a controversy in violating the 4th ammendment that 14 states have BANNED checkpoints entirely.



  • Why open yourself up to even give them a reason to write you a ticket?

    Contrary to popular belief, 90% of tickets given at checkpoints are not for DUI's. Most tickets are given for not wearing a seat belt, a burned out tail light that you were unaware of, darker than legal window tint, expired tags, expired drivers license and the list goes on forever. Most comments we get is that "If you're not doing anything illegal you should have anything to worry about," however more often than not it's the simplest things that will get you a ticket at the tune of a few hundred dollars. Why even chance it?

  • We want to educate you on what your rights are at a checkpoint

    Did you know that field sobriety test are optional at checkpoints? Did you know that you don't even need to roll down your window at checkpoint? Did you know that you are not supposed to be searched without probable cause, or without your concent? These are just a few thing that may not be common knowledge that everyone needs to know. Do not open yourself up to police harrassment or allow them to violate your rights.

  • Who wants to wait in line on at a checkpoint?

    Checkpoints are invasive and intrusive. Even if you have done nothing wrong you still feel like you're being looked at as suspicions. If you're the car that gets sent to the side at random that feeling amplifies by 10. Most checkpoints take longer than 20 minutes to get through.


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